I’d Really Like to Know Ya

If you’ve visited Within on a Saturday, you may have had the pleasure of meeting sweet Carolina. She has been such a blessing, taking the time to educate herself about the brand and the lines we carry. I thought it would be fun to share more about herself and her approach to wellness and beauty.

Within: You're at Within on Saturdays, tell us a bit about what you do during the week?

When I’m not at the shop, I work as a technical designer and patternmaker. I also illustrate and style in my free time.

Within: What does wellness mean to you, and what are some non-negotiable wellness habits in your life?

Growing up, my mother taught us the nutritional properties of everything we ate. This quickly became second nature, making it easier for me to listen to my body and use food and natural products as medicine. A non-negotiable habit for me has to be eating leafy greens- I eat them daily to stay grounded.

Within: You love to travel, where are some of your favorite places you've visited?

My boyfriend and I went to Morocco last fall and absolutely loved it. It is one of the most magical places I have ever been to. We also loved the islands of Thailand, those beaches are unreal.

Within: Talk to us about wellness on the road. Do you find it hard to adhere to certain ways of eating or self care while traveling?

Maintaining wellness practices is difficult on the road but I try to be prepared. As a carry-on only traveler, I always pack a bottle of Everyday Oil. I use it on my hair, to remove make-up, to double cleanse my face and to hydrate my skin…it’s AMAZING! Eating enough fruit can be a big challenge while travelling, so I stock up whenever I can. I also have a gluten-free diet which is hard to accommodate in many cultures- Gluten Ease and Activated Charcoal pills are essential.

Within: What drew you to Within and what are some of your fave products there?

I first went to Within while I was shopping at Finefolk and was thrilled to see so many brands that I use and admire under one roof in my neighborhood. As soon as I found out that they were hiring, I knew I needed to be part of the clean beauty team!

RMS living luminzer is a product I never go without. I’ve also been using Josh Rosebrook skincare which is making my skin feel great. CAP Beauty’s coconut butter is a staple in my kitchen, I use it in my matcha lattes every morning.

Within: Do you have a morning or evening routine that you'd like to share??

In the mornings I always rinse my face with lukewarm water and air dry. I apply a gentle BHA solution to my face and use a rose-quartz face roller. I follow up with sunscreen and a light makeup routine.

After a long day I double cleanse my face, apply whichever oil or serum my skin needs and follow-up with a 3-minute gua sha facial massage. This helps me sleep so much better! I brush my teeth with Living Libations toothpaste and always finish my routine with an Ayurvedic tongue scraping