Friday Feels



I have been drooling over Antti Kalevi’s illustrations. They make me so very happy.



I began working with a holistic practiioner 10 years ago that schooled me on the vagus nerve (vagus in Latin means “wandering”). This nerve begins at the brainstem and extends down to the stomach and intestines, supplies your heart and lungs with nerves, and connects your throat and facial muscles. 

The function of this nerve is connected to the autonomic nervous system, which is made up of the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts. Needless to say, it’s important to pay attention to the Vagus nerve! Stimulating this nerve can help to slow the heart rate and blood pressure—especially in times of anxiety. Ways you can do this are, humming, gargling, and deep belly breathing.

I also highly recommend using Vagal Tone, and I’m excited to read Dr. Habib’s new book Activate Your Vagus Nerve Sensitivities after listening to a recent interview with him. 



Last year, for my son’s birthday, I made him this chocolate cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery that blew our minds. It was so delicious. My pal Gabby posted these cookies also from Sweet Laurel Bakery and my whole family is equally obsessed with them. Super easy, plus grain/dairy/gluten/egg and refined sugar free.



I just cannot get enough of this “Candadian Indie-electro-pop” band.



Alexis Smart flower remedies have been miraculous for our family and for so many clients.

The First Aid Kit formula, in particular, is one everyone should have on hand. It is the original Bach Rescue remedy formula with added crab apple that provides fast acting relief for acute stressful situations (think an arguement, accident, public speaking, travel, fear of flying etc.). It is even incredible for traumatized pets!. Also available in a children’s formula.



Last week my husband and I had dinner and drinks at The Campground. Such a cozy little spot that almost had me in happy tears because they offer natural wines. Excited to sit on their patio this spring!