Friday Feels

Friday Feels



I try to make a new recipe every week. Even if it’s a tonic, or a simple side dish. This week was cauliflower falafel, and I loved them that much they will be made weekly. My kiddos gobbled them up and even took some to school for lunch the next day. The sauce is optional, but I wanted to eat it with a spoon, and it’s only three ingredeints—a win win! View the recipe and thank me later.



I am a podcast junkie, a total addict. I don’t discriminate even while most of my favorites consist of wellness podcasts. I have been listening to Luke Storey’s podcast, The Life Stylist, from the begining. His latest epidsode “The Fine Art of Self Care and Stress Recovery” was one of my favorites. You can learn so much about someone through their podcasts. Luke has had quite the journey, and to hear where he is at now—well, it feels odd to say, but I’m proud of him. In this episode, he touches on the tools he uses to manage stress, one of them being connected spiritually. He brought me to tears when sharing the importance of his spiritual life and being a “miracle hunter.” I have been chewing on his words all week. 



I recently finished “Vacationland” By John Hodgman. This book is for you if you want to laugh out loud multiple times and annoy your seatmates on the airplane. 



It’s winter. In the midwest. While my skin has been pretty balanced over the last several years, it’s hard to escape the dryness. I have been relying on this dynamic duo: The mask and wash and rescue balm from Max and Me. To sum it up, if you have any issues with your skin, dryness, patches, blemishes, redness, lacklusterness (I am certain that is a word), meet your new best friends. Available at Within!