Within Betsy’s World

Spring is here. It really is one of my favorite seasons that brings new life, growth and motivation.

Within is experiencing growth as well, and I am thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, Betsy.  She radiates beauty and wellness, and knows first hand that it truly starts within. Read her thoughts below and come by the shop next week to meet this lovely lady.  

This photo was taken after Betsy completed a 21 day juice cleanse. Holy Glow!

This photo was taken after Betsy completed a 21 day juice cleanse. Holy Glow!

Twenty years ago my daughter was born in Boston. While living on the east coast I was fortunate to have my personal physician as functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman, known for his many books on wholistic health. I was finally at age 30, properly diagnosed with multiple food allergies and environmental sensitivities. For the past 20 years I have consulted with and lived by a program of natural remedies, internal cleansing, intermittent fasting, zero white sugar and wholistic beauty regimens. I have worked with amazing healers and natural wellness advocates from all over the country. Blessed to have lived on both the east and west coasts, along with many years in Colorado, I am able to bring a bounty of wellness knowledge and experience to my life and clients here in the Midwest. At age 50 I feel more radiant and internally well than when I was 20. The graceful aging secret is really three fold, remove sugar from your diet, use high quality oils on your skin and surround yourself with inspiring people. That's my secret, anyhow.

I am thrilled to have joined Gina's amazing Within team and vision. Gina is the epitome of authentic beauty.