Friday Feels

Friday Feels



There is something so motivating about a fresh new weather season, especially when it’s abundant in sunshine! Someone asked me recently if I ever did a seasonal cleanse. I used to—typically in the winter after the holidays as well as mid-Spring. Those routines have changed since diving deeper into cellular healing that requires we live a cleansing lifestyle each and every day.  There are many avenues to consider with cellular healing: the foods we do and don’t eat, lymph health, and the state of our emotions, but the big star of cellular healing is elimination. Our bodies eliminate through our excretory system (urine, bowels, sweat) as well as breath!

One of my favorite humans to speak on this topic is Gil Jacobs. Gil is a colon hydro therapist in NYC who brought himself back up from the grave with this lifestyle. This quote from Gil sums it up: 

The same process that messes up the spirit messes up the body. Just as emotional traumas can build up and paralyze someone’s ability to be whole, so too does the accumulation of matter—AKA food not meant for humans to eat—build up in the cells over time, [making] us broken down, diseased, and depressed. That’s why people whose bodies aren’t bogged down by residual food waste tend to be happier. I like to say [someone] can give you the finger and you just pat them on the back and say, “Thank you.”



I just finished reading Gingerbread and I am still not sure what to think. There is no denying the incredible talent Helen Oyeyemi has as a writer, but this book was so challenging for me. It was a bit Alice in Wonderland meets a bad LSD trip. There’s a lot of weaving in and out of reality and a lot of talking dolls. Enough said.



I have a new girl crush and her name is Rose Langenbein. Rose is the Style Director for another obsession of mine, My Theresa. I have a thing for women who dress unapologetically and are not afraid of taking risks. Speaking of being afraid, I have wanted to cut my hair like Rose’s for over a decade. Maybe this is a sign.



WIth the seasonal transition, I have been craving lighter, fresh, and mainly raw foods during the day. When the temperature drops a bit as it did this week, I crave something a bit warmer. The Spring Green cleansing soup is the perfect solution. Rich in vitamins, minerals and highly alkalizing. 



Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” should start playing when I step foot in Urband Mining. So many treasures; really great prices; and very well edited. I could supermarket sweep this place. It helps ease the pain of not being able to attend LA’s Rose Bowl Flea market every month—if only just a bit.